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●   Are you looking for a quality compliment slips printers that represent the quality of your business?

●   Do you want to have a bespoke design so you don't risk having the same "template" as someone else?

●   or perhaps you already have the design and just want us to print them?

…whichever one applies to you, you have landed in the right place - Sparkle - the UK's largest capacity printers - experts in compliment slips printing, with turnaround times to suit your requirements and budget.

If you are just starting out and have no compliment slips, or have been going donkey's years and looking for a new look, you have full access to our in-house graphic design team to make your compliment slips look absolutely stunning.  All our designers have a huge wealth of experience on what works best and they will be able to help you with ideas on how your new cards can generate you more business.

If you already have a design from a graphic designer that you already work with then that is totally cool too, we can work from that file.

However, a business card isn't just a business card, there are so many permutations which are all available to you and are listed below.  Some of them you may know about and some you may have never heard of, whatever the case, we are here to help.  The team here at HQ see hundreds of thousands of compliment slips each and every week go through our machines so are true experts that you have at your disposal.

●   All compliment slips are produced at the standard size of 99mm x 210mm or 1/3 A4.

●   Standard paper thickness is 100gsm (as a benchmark, most home/office printer paper is 80gsm, so this is a little thicker than that)

●   Our most popular is our premium compliment slips paper which is 120gsm and gives a really nice, luxurious feel.

●   All compliment slips are produced in stunning full colour and can be printed either single sided or double sided.

With a dedicated Print Specialist to look after your print order every step of the way you can relax without the stresses of wondering if it will turn up the right colour, in the right size and on the right day.

Every order that is placed comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s not something that’s been cobbled together in 5 minutes to put on the website(!!) – we know that doing it that way will be seen straight through when you read it, so that’s why with hard work and with the help of our existing clients we have created a guarantee that fills you with total confidence, that you will be fully looked after!

To get started all you have to do is give us a call on 01234 866 000, pop a message to us via the form on this page, or start chatting with one of design, print and marketing specialists in the live chat box.

We can't wait to start working with you.

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Examples of compliment slips

Local Printers of Compliment Slips - full colour compliment slips, single sided printing
Local Printers of Compliment Slips - full colour compliment slips, single sided printing
Local Printers of Compliment Slips - full colour compliment slips, double sided printing
Local Printers of Compliment Slips - full colour compliment slips, double sided printing