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Your Sparkle Design & Print No Quibble Guarantee...

●   Are you thinking of moving to us from another design and print company but never been the process before?

●   Have you heard of (or unfortunately, even been part of) one of those online horror stories where the print is wrong, turns up late or doesn't even turn up at all?

●   Perhaps your previous design and print company isn't even trading anymore so you are really stuck between a rock and a hard place as you hadn't planned on moving companies.

…whichever one applies to you, we have 100% got your back.

We have worked hard since we launched way back in 2009 to allay any fears people may have about changing their design and print business.

That is why we have put together our iron-clad guarantee so that you can deal with us in confidence, safe in the knowledge that you won't fall foul of the online horror stories.  

This guarantee isn't some cobbled together in 5 minutes "thing" that is just to fill a page on the website either!  We have listened to customers of ours, and taken feedback from people when they have approached us to see what people REALLY want to have, not just what we think will fill people with confidence - as there is often a big difference.

Things don't always go right, machines throw hissy fits when we are least expecting it, couriers don't get it right all of the time, but that is no good to you when the shizzle hits the fan.

So here is our 5 Point Guarantee:

1.You will receive the same, if not better, quality printing than you are already.

2. If, for whatever reason you are unhappy with your printing, let us know and we will reprint it for you.

3. Our Customer Success Team will guarantee to sort out any issue or concern you may have the same day (in normal office hours).  The last thing you want to happen is having to wait around when you have already been inconvenienced.

4. Things do go wrong (in every company) from time to time, and they cause you an inconvenience, we know this and will credit your account with £25 immediately to cover your time having to contact us in the first place - you won't even have to ask, it will just happen.

5. Your print will turn up on the day we say it will - if we can't meet your deadline, we will have been honest and told you this at the time you ask us for a quote, not by the time it is too late!


We hope that the above will go some way to helping you to decide if we might be the right fit for you and your business and that we share similar values of getting things sorted.  

You'll be pleased to know that we are not just an "online print company", we have real people here working for us who are here to help you in whatever way we can.

If you have any final questions on how we work before you make a final decision on who to work with then we would love the opportunity to speak with you.  Simply pop your details in the box below and we'll come back to you the same day.



Looking for some more info and help? Have a look around our Learning & Help Hub or catch up on the latest episodes of SPTV - the exclusive Sparkle Design & Print Channel on YouTube

Learning & Help Hub
Learning & Help Hub
Learning & Help Hub
Learning & Help Hub

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