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Marketing - every business needs more customers when it grows, but where do you start? We can help you with as little or as much as you like

●   Are you looking for a little bit more from your marketing materials but not 100% sure what to do?

●   Do you love what you do but just not truly happy doing the marketing?

●   Do you know that there is more you should be doing but there simply isn’t enough time in the day to do it – then another new ‘thing’ comes along for you to consider?!

If any of the above sounds like you then firstly, don’t worry! There are many business owners just like you who feel this way.  Even we do occasionally and that’s with a big team here at our National Marketing Hub to support everything we do.

We get that you may be feeling overwhelmed with things and sometimes you just need a chat to distil everything going round in your head and get it down to the few key points to focus on.

Just to be clear – we are not a business coaching company – but what we do know is how to get and keep customers/clients for you having been in business for over 11 years!

There are various levels of support for you, some might be right for you right now, some may be right for you further down the line – whichever it is you’ve got access to us; here are just some of the options available:

●   A one-off free 1-2-1 15 min phone conversation – with this we will typically go through a couple of things that you might be considering and get a bit of clarity on which is the best way to “attack it”.  Pick our brains about the best way to track items and using multiple media to get the very best return on investment from the project.

●   Marketing Cash Surge – this is typically if you are stuck in a bit of a rut and need some impartial help and advice to get customers/clients like right now! We’ll spend an hour on the phone/Skype/Zoom call to go through plans and ideas to make your life slightly easier - £97+vat

●   Marketing plan – this is where we will work with you on one particular project to formulate it and make it work really well for you.  It could be that you want to do a targeted leaflet drop in your area and want us to write all of the copy, create the design, how to get people on your email list etc - £Price on request

●   Bare Minimum Marketing – this option is where we help you with the bare minimum elements that you need to do for you and your business.  Each and every month we'll give you the following:

●   Post on Facebook once a day, every day

●   Up-date your Facebook cover image once a month

●   Email your list of prospects with an informative email (not salesy) each week, to build rapport

●   Email your prospects once a month with your offers

●   1 new marketing piece created for you every month (leaflet, business cards, pull-up banner for networking along with any other stationery)

Bare Minimum Marketing is £247+vat per month with no tie in period

The is a one off joining fee of £247+vat to get all of your systems in place and a personal 1-2-1 to find out about your business.  If you join before the end of the month we will also include the following FREE of charge...

●   A bespoke ebook to use as a lead magnet to build your list of contacts, written, designed and supplied to you, worth £199

●   Create a bespoke infographic of what makes your business different worth £199

●   Signature Clients – our Signature Clients absolutely love what they do but when it comes to marketing they will openly admit they either don’t have a clue or just not interested enough so they pass it all over to us, literally every last bit of it.  Membership to become one of our Signature Clients is strictly by application only.

To find out more about any of our marketing options, in the first instance fill out the form to the right hand side and one our Chief Marketeers will be in touch.

Not sure if this is the right option for you?  Why not have a look at our “all in one” options by clicking on the links below – there really is something for everyone, but if for any reason you can’t see what will fit and benefit your business perfectly, just give us a call or submit an enquiry and we’ll help you in the very best way we can.

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